A way forward

Using the approach of a search for meaningful insights rather than expected outcomes and exploring the spaces in between, using familiar methods, tools and techniques in unfamiliar ways that allow for the development of a range of initiatives, that is issue based.

The unexpected indicate the things that defy the norms and can help to generate the creative thinking and may be the things that create the catalyst for the required change and the real turn of events needed. In pursuing these aims, be led by three values: commitment, honesty and openness.

To deeply engage people, undertake contextual enquiries of their stories and of how they work together, deconstruct these experiences, and give them the opportunity to co-create new ones. Having them work visually is a central strategy that provides a very engaging effect. This includes:
  • Context mapping
  • Scenarios
  • User pathways
  • Business Model Canvass
  • Strategic Goal

This enables a positive outcome with a clear strategic way forward for the organisation as a whole.

During workshops, while the planned objectives are worked through, a variety of unexpected issues can surface during the course of various activities, using active prototyping and other visual media, and drawing out concepts in different formats. By providing capacity within the confines of the workshop space, allow the participants to stretch their creative thinking by exploring the possibilities of what may be. These unanticipated results can lead to some discoveries that defy the boundaries of what is already known to the business regarding the client experience.

Contextualise the discoveries, test, and refine the issues, although with every layer of complexity added, ensure that the issues remain recognizable, through understanding the connections and how it all links together. The way forward focusses on:

  • A user-centred approach undertaken to ensure the client experience and quality of service as a key value for successfully addressing issues
  • A holistic approach considering an integrated strategic, system, process and touch point design is applied

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