Looking for insights

In the light of new challenges and opportunities for society, the philosophy is to develop and promote new ways of thinking about human fulfillment and social progress.

Creating and bringing to life meaningful products, services and experiences by combining unbound creativity with insightful client and market research, strategic planning, and design with project management – from idea to implementation – that is empathy inspired and immersive.

Each challenge is guided by deep insights into the culture of the client by developing client journeys and unearthing and articulating their needs. The vision is to be a powerful and innovative force.

Bringing together different disciplines and perspectives, new ideas and urgent and provocative debates. Working with partners to generate real progress in chosen project areas, through consultation, collaboration and co-design, seen as a source of capacity, commitment and innovation in communities. Underpinning the work are enduring beliefs in human progress, reasoned enquiry, environmental sustainability, and ethical commitment, combined with a commitment to public participation and social inclusion.

The way of working consists of providing a platform for critical debate and new ideas; working with partners and stakeholders to translate knowledge and progressive thinking into practical change; and be a force for innovation and change. The rationale for design and the research and development of projects ranges from those which seek to push the boundaries of thought in fundamental areas, to those which develop new multi-disciplinary approaches to those which work directly with practitioners to generate design based innovation and change.

  • Ensure the right infrastructure and systems to be a highly efficient, effective and innovative
  • All projects meet key criteria for quality, ambition, clarity and practicality
  • Working collaboratively to translate knowledge and progressive thinking into practical change

Undertaking fieldwork in relation to a number of areas using a broad environmental sweep of clients across industry and market sector. The design focused on the first part of client-profiling that involved contextual enquiries with clients in target groups.

The objectives of the contextual enquiries are to:
  • Develop a greater understanding of interactions
  • Understand how people interact with the services and products and how this impacts the end-to-end experience
  • Determine what the trigger points are for people to interact with products and services
  • Understand the community’s motivating factors and how these influence their behaviour when interacting
  • Develop a better understanding of the usefulness of products and services
  • Test the effectiveness of products and services in the user environment
By utilising the findings from this research the following resources are compiled to assist in making well-informed decisions in relation to business goals that reflect attributes, features and reasons why changes to the system are required and how dealing with clients is impacted.
  • Scenarios based on a variety of situations were developed to highlight the range of diverse circumstances that could occur.
  • Creation of personas to ensure a greater understanding of the various situations that can arise under the circumstances.
  • Various pathways defining interactions of members of the community found to be in this situation.

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