Bush Wallaby


In an information rich environment and in our daily lives, we constantly receive messages conveyed through many channels of communication. Many of these messages seek to influence as well as inform, serving a variety of interests. Tell a story:

  • To the organisation
  • Other departments and agencies
  • The general public

Analyse data:

  • Discover hidden patterns
  • Find trends in changing systems


  • Analyse relationships
  • Illustrate networks
  • Discover the greatest impact
  • Project future trends
Make information visible:

  • Show influence and causality
  • Illustrate the consequences of specific actions
  • Compare and contrast

Simplify and clarify:

  • Illustrate analysis of an abstract idea
  • Show the flow of a process or changing system
  • Make conclusions visible and easy to navigate
  • Show structure and order in an apparently chaotic data

Transforming raw data into a powerful tool to motivate an outcome and to tell the story in a compelling, immediate and powerful way to move the intended audience by simplifying and summarizing a complex story — and adding impact.Use the information for consideration within an overall strategy for achieving policy change or increasing awareness. Consideration is given as to how the information is used and dependent on the information needing to be conveyed and the context in which it will work. Integrate information into the research process by illuminating data visually, or providing a neutral platform with which to identify trends or targets. Translating data into a visual format helps to reveal patterns that might not otherwise be apparent. Representing data visually can reveal wider trends and unexpected clusters around specific demographics, geographies or time-periods.


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