GovHack 2014 – not too far away now

The following is an overview of the GovHack Agency briefing session, 19 May 2014. A few stats: 12 Federal government agency sponsors. 11 Locations around Australia. 1,000+ Participants across the country. Unofficial locations also occurring elsewhere across the country, International interest − a combined effort in the future Around the nation: Splunk are coordinating the involvement of 15 top universities. Government agencies putting together teams to compete Professional development Learn about latest technology and how to use it. Local state competitions also taking place This does not detract from the National competition goals, rather it is complementary. Awards: Red carpet awards in Brisbane at City hall − 10 August Three levels of government for representation, Federal, State and local. Agencies to send a representative for the awards Live stream of award ceremony Agency representatives to present award to respective recipient. Example of outcome from last year, a federal agency worked directly with teams to progress outcomes and integrated into the agency Received better delivery for their website due to engaging with teams after event Opportunities available to benefit the agencyConcepts: Project on opportunity to showcase concepts and prototypes Code for Australia are providing the opportunity for take participants to take forward prototypes GovCamp event being held 17 July and will provide a showcase opportunity. One agency responsible for one category, reduces requirement of effort during judging period National GovHack team will isolate those who are not eligible due to not meeting requirements and legitimate needs of competition. A lot of new data sets agencies will have ready in time for GovHack Working Group 4: Secretaries Group looking at data efficiency and release of data sets for the competition. Data: team are talking to all other jurisdictions who have open portals open data to share search metadata Make discoverable - people searching on other portals will be able to find data on any of the portals at federal, state and local levels Able to find data across all jurisdictions. Key source of data is open source Important to be able to get government data quickly and efficiently to produce requests on demand Interested in outcomes of the competition as a use case Keep data up to date and current A lot of decision making is done on open data, such as ministerial. How much is being made available openly and being used?  Provide data that people can do something clever with and help move current practice Tangible benefits Make the data as usable as possible, constant refinement and improvement needed Increase access to data - same data available for everyone at anytime. This post was originally published on the GovHack website


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